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“The Way Back” Fragments Of Light – Official Video


Based in Italy, I love to create e-Motion graphics with the intent to represent a specific sound with an image. I am Executive Design Director, and Visual Artist. I have worked for several years in music business as graphic designer, recently working on music video made with digital art and motion graphics.

The Video

Official video for the single “The Way Back” from the LP “Anima” by Fragments Of Light.
The band gave me the imput to create something connected with space and full freedom in the way to make it.
Inspired by the music and thinking of the title “Tha way back” I imagined Space as a soul journey. The single comes from the album called “Anima” which means “Soul” in English.
The astronaut, in my view, represents the mind and its ability to travel in an immense, indefinite space to be explored. Each one of us has its own Universe that in the video is represented as planets and the shuttles are the thoughts.
The mind (The Astronaut) does not need to move because it travels using thoughts (the shuttles), so the astronaut doesn’t fly with its wings, the wings represent the mind’s ability to soar (like hummingbirds), to stay in balance in every day life.

About the Band

FRAGMENTS OF LIGHT is an all-Italian project that blends analogue and digital, acoustic and electronic, arctic atmospheres and rock soul.

Max Messina: Hybrid Drums, Percussions, Guitar, Bass

Gianluca Di Stefano: Keyboards & Live Electronics.

Keyboards, synthbass, programming: Gianluca Di Stefano

Acoustic & Electronic Drums, Guitars: Max Messina

Engineered & Mixed by Lorenzo Perrella in Bologna, Italy

Mastered by Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound Studio NY, USA

The LP is printed on exclusive fuchsia vinyl by Mooh!

Video concept and editing Monica Franceschi



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