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Cyanagen // UI & UX Design

This project is a collaboration with EuropaMultimedia a well known creative agency based in Imola (BO). I took care of the UI & UX design.

About the Project

Cyanagen is a biotechnology company that deals with the research, development and production of reagents in the field of molecular biology.
The main product lines of the company are related to chemiluminescence, fluorescent dyes for biological products, analysis, genomics, proteomics and chemical sensors; the solutions they offer are covered and guaranteed by international patents. Their products achieve exceptional performance in terms of sensitivity, therefore the available range is very varied and quite extensive.


We decided to go for a layout and palette that could be distinguished from the competitors and that enhanced the colors of their components.
We neaded to study a lean structure of the site, that could collect all their products that continuously increased.
For this huge quantity of cathegory and products, the search engine played a decisive role and we had to study an easy, intuitive system to guide the user in the multi-factor search: search all, search for application, search for product line.

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