Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari

All, CD Packaging, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Photo Retouching


I was so honored to have been chosen by Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari and his management to supervise the art direction, and artwork concept design for the “Miserere” album release. On the album, there are collaborations with many great artists such as Luciano Pavarotti as well as Elvis Costello, who co-wrote the song “Miss Mary” with Zucchero, which is also included on this album.

and the management team gave me complete freedom to create the limited edition package, and all the graphics to support the premiere event. It was very exiting and amazing to follow the full process. I was incredibly happy when, at the day of the event, the artist himself congratulated me for the work done. The event was also the moment he saw the completed work for the first time.

When I work with artists, musicians in particular, I know that they don’t say too much. All that needs to be said, is in their music and lyrics. So, my aim becomes to forget about myself. What I like to do is, try and understand what the artist needs done to best represent their music and lyrics.

My collaboration with Zucchero included the artwork concept and art direction for the single, “Come Back The Sun”, which was printed in copper ink.

The collaboration continued with graphic designs for banners, a cut-out mobile for record stores, merchandising items including: t-shirts, jackets, postcards, poster, pins, gadgets, and a large sized tour book.

My first commission from the artist’s management was the logo for Zucchero’ Official Fan Club.





  • Miserere, jewel box artwork & concept
  • Miserere, limited edition CD packaging, concept and design
  • Come Back the Sun, CD single artwork & concept
  • Tour book design
  • Official Fun Club logo design