Monte Montgomery – Dragonfly album packaging design

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“Dragonfly” is my fourth packaging design for Monte. It is a very important project about changes in life, hope and positive approach to the life challanges. Monte decided to use “Dragonfly” song as title track of the album.

Focusing on the dragonfly, my first idea was to create a logo with the double M as wings. The cover of the wallet closed, would only showed half insect, revealing it only in the opening of wallet.
Then, thinking of the previous black album and the full colored one, I suggested to go with something lighter.

Also, Monte wanted something more real about the insect, because he wanted to be as closer as possible to an occurrence he experienced with a real dragonfly and with an attention to its symbolic meaning.

So combining all the ideas, I think we went into a very cool result.
Many thanks to Dave Beasley for the support.

About Monte Montgomery
Monte Montgomery is considered one of the 50 best guitarists of all time. But he is also a great songwriter and I am always happy to collaborate with a legend. Just one live performance from this artist and it will make you an addict of his music forever.
You can find more about his discography at the link below.


Monte Montgomery webiste


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