David Bowie Vinyl Artwork

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Scratch My Vinyl” is a project I created in order to give ruined records a second chance.

Vinyl, also known as microgroove, is a medium that stores analog signals as sound. It is an important object to which we are all connected because excites us deeply. I want to continue that excitement, though of a different nature, for all records without a future on your turntable. It will be the scratches that have damaged the vinyl and to transform it to a work of art to represent my icons. The surface of the microgroove will be further scratched to bring out the images from the black vinyl using the light tones.

Visit the website for further information about the project.

Project Services

  • Portrait of music artists
  • Custom portraits (Only about musicians)
  • Typography
  • David Bowie Vinyl Artwork 2

  • David Bowie Vinyl Artwork 2 detail

  • David Bowie Vinyl Artwork 2 detail

  • David Bowie Vinyl Artwork 1

  • David Bowie Vinyl Artwork 1 detail